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Vengeance | Alcher & Anya (chatzy)

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Loss is often bewildering. In its wake we must salvage what we can of their memory. I am sure he would want you to take what comforts you can. If there is anything I might do for you, do not hesitate to ask. You are, of course, welcome to his service and burial.

Uhm. Right.

Likewise. If you need anything then - not that there’s anything I can really do, obviously, it’s not like it’s within my power range to click my fingers and poof, no more dead Giles, which really makes them seem entirely useless to me at this moment in time to be honest with you - but if I can help with anything then, you know. Call.


I believe…he did not suffer for very long.


I just… how can he just be gone, just like that? I don’t… he’s Giles.


I’m afraid it’s true. You have my deepest sympathies.

I don’t…

Was it… did it look, you know. Painful? Do you think he was in a lot of pain?

Anonymous asked: "Are you a gamer?"

Are you repeating yourself?

(actually, I do know what that is now and have discovered games since purchasing an iPhone, but you probably aren’t talking about that kind)

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I’m not being ridiculous. Bunnies don’t eat flesh from what I last recall. And my God do they stink. 

I won’t be forgetting this. 

If I was hoping you’d forget it I wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Just consider it payback for the little stunt you orchestrated at my apartment a couple of weeks ago. 


I didn’t wet myself thanks a lot. And I didn’t run, either. I teleported.


At least I don’t run from rabbits. You’re lucky I have a sense of humor and dear D’Hoffryn won’t be informed of how you essentially tried to get me killed. 

Bunnies are frightening. Zombies are merely clumsy and humorous.

Oh, don’t be so ridiculous, no self-respecting demon would let a zombie get near enough to kill them. It was a prank, not an assassination attempt.